Wednesday, December 24, 2008

a rant on christmas.

WARNING: don't read, it's long. you'll just get emo.

so it's about an hour til Christmas, and things have gotten worse.

here's the story: so my family just left to go to church, and i decided not to go because of personal reasons. my dad comes down as asks me why I'm not going and i told him 'because i don't want to.' and he starts asking again, and I'm all like what the heck, what more do i have to say? so i told him that 'its hypocritical for me to go to church.' then he continues saying i shouldn't be philosophical with him, and starts using stupid examples THAT DON'T RELATE to our conversation whatsoever! he says like 'you're on the computer all day, and when i ask you to do a favor, you're always mad' and i tell him 'you don't make any sense, how does this relate to me not going to church? i don't like going to church anymore, you can't force me.'

he even threatens to 'spank me' WTF? WHAT AM I, 10 years old?!

it really didn't make any sense, my dad was using youtube, me being on the computer for long hours, playing guitar, and everything that I LOVE TO do on my spare time, AGAINST ME. he was using it against me just because i didn't want to go to church?

WHY WOULD I WANT TO GO TO CHURCH after he would speak to me like that? and moreover, the bigger reasons why I didn't want to go to church was because my sister and my mom were going! I haven't spoken to my sister for over a year because of a grudge, and my mom pissed me off the other day! They have been bitches to me, why would i want to be in church with them! THAT'S WHY I SAID IT HYPOCRITICAL, that's why I didn't want to go!

I know some of you know, I'm very religious. I love God. SO MUCH. I'm the most Holy person in this family, besides my grandaunt who lives with us. But, I've been sooo far away from him for many months now, and I'm gonna go back to church, when I'M READY, not when my dad talks like a bastard to me ON CHRISTMAS. oh gosh, it's Christmas and my family are being fucks.

I'm almost 20. why do they treat me like this? why do they use the fact that i don't have a job against me? why don't they understand that I'm trying so hard to please them? why aren't they happy that i got ALL A's in all my classes this semester while attending three different colleges? (ME BEING A FULL TIME STUDENT at 3 different campuses, should be equivalent to being a student with a job!) WHY? why can't they just understand that i love the computer, my guitar, my piano, and i want to be able to do that stuff whenever i get the chance? WHY NOT?! they don't understand me! I'm trying to catch up on blog reading as well. i just read Simon's blog about how 'Christmas is supposed to bring people closer together' but it's just weird because its doing the exact opposite this year.

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you're doing better than i am.

Happy almost Birthday to me, i don't understand why these things happen at the most joyous time of year.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

i've got a crush.

i can't believe i'm saying this on here. yeah, it's someone from youtube, yeah.

i can't get over it, but i must! HELP! it's like, really bothering me. enough to make me blog about it.

ok keeping this short and simple. i feel like i'm in 5th grade again. but this time, nobody knows and he doesn't know. gosh i hope he doesn't. 

haha, i'm sure i'm not the only one that has crushes on someone from the internetz. PLEASE RAISE YOUR HAND so i don't feel all alone. 


Sunday, November 30, 2008

TIM TAMS for the effing WIN!

I went shopping on Friday and Saturday and bought a bunch of clothes. Not to mention, TIM TAMS! I want to thank Buena (thebuenster) on YouTube for telling me where to get them! I love the people on youtube who tell me where I could find things. I'm so hopeless!

I was in disbelief but it was true and you have no idea how happy I was! My camera is so stupid though, I thought I was recording my experience of finding the tim tams at the store, but it wasn't freaking recording! Damn it! 

A shelf full of amazing-ness. $3.50 each. Is that expensive? Simon? Haha! and THANK YOU Simon (ddonq) for sending me my first package of tim tams many months ago. I don't know how long they will be selling those, but I swear, I never saw them there before. 

HAVE THEY BEEN WATCHING MY VIDEOS of me complaining about there being NO tim tams in Hawaii?! haha. Who knows? Haha, this is like an "asian store" though. I call it an "asian store" because they sell...asian food. But, they also sell nutella. YAY for gourmet, foreign, foods that I discovered through Johnee (johneepixels7)...sold at asian supermarkets! 

Monday, November 24, 2008


i haven't written something in 2 months! dang! i haven't actually been on this till now and i realized that i've been missing this. the semester is almost over. it's been a new experience, and it's going really well, but i can't wait for it to be over! 

i don't know how well youtube is going for me because i don't get to talk to everyone as often as i used to but i don't have the feeling that i'm falling off the train, which is good. i think. i remember johnee called it having "two lives" a online life, and a real life. 

i'm trying to focus on real life right now but sometimes i wish online life was the same as real life BECAUSE there are so many misunderstanding when it comes to the INTERWEBS. UGH. people are often misunderstood. and generally because it's kinda hard handling "two lives." 

ON THE BRIGHTER SIDE, next semester i'll be traveling a lot!!! hopefully i'll be able to meet some youtube family for the first time. really looking forward to that.

ALSO, November marks my 1st year anniversary of posting videos on YouTube. Yay! hopefully more to come. 


Monday, September 8, 2008

getting kicked out of the house.

title says it all. i was kicked out of the house. i take it as me "running away" because it was basically self defense. would you rather get the shit kicked out of you by your parent? or would you run?

i ran.

i'm 19, but i'm still doing adolescent things. the sad part was, i didn't grab my keys, cellphone, or wallet. i didn't know what to do. i walked around the neighborhood thinking about what i would do, and i ended up walking to my friend's house hoping she was at home. thank GOD she was. i stayed with her for the entire day, and then i decided to go home at midnight, because i knew we had a spare key.

the next day was a weird day at home. everyone was acting like nothing happened, my mom was being mean, but not hostile, but i kept my distance. i didn't speak to her, or to anyone but my little sister. the weird thing was that it was my cousin's bone marrow drive, so basically, i had to spend then ENTIRE DAY with FAMILY. i wasn't in the mood to be near family.

later in the day, i called my 10 year old cousin an asshole. that's how mad i was.

i was a loaded gun. if someone pushed my buttons, i went off on them, and sadly it was my 10 year old cousin that pissed me off, so i started scolding him and i called him an asshole. if you knew what he said to me, you would be mad too.

he had NO IDEA what i was going through. how much shit i had to deal with. i accepted his apology later, and i apologized to him for yelling at him (i was yelling at him like a mom would yell at her kid) now we're okay, but i bet he's scared of me now. =/

it's hard right now. school is pretty chill. friends are amazing. making a video is getting harder and harder. one day soon i'll be pumping out videos. one after the other. haha that would get annoying!

in HAPPIER NEWS, i got an ukulele! FINALLY. happy happy joy joy.

Monday, August 25, 2008

girls love their gays.


Okay, I know many Gay men are good looking, but is it just a coincidence that the guys that I think are good looking, are Gay?

I've had this conversation with two of my best friends on several occasions, one who is openly gay, and the other who is not quite out of the closet. The funny thing was that they were not always gay, I hope that I didn't turn them gay.

Basically, I tell them whenever I have a crush on someone, or when I think a guy is cute. EVENTUALLY, I end up telling them the guy is gay and that I had no idea! Even though I have so many gay friends, I have terrible gaydar!

Once I told Keali'i, "You know, If I keep this up, I am never getting married!"

Why did I bring this up? Well, a couple of days ago, I tweeted the following statement on twitter "That aussie diver is really good looking."

Today, I watched WHATTHEBUCKSHOW's video, and he explained that Matthew Mitcham, the Australian diver who won the Gold, was the only openly gay man at the Olympics! The one guy, that I thought was so good looking, is gay. Michael Phelps isn't gay though, I love him.

I'm sorry, I guess I am just attracted to Gay people! Haha, BUCK is gay, but he's married, I love him though! In a different way!

Friday, August 22, 2008

weblogging was my first love.

It all began on xanga. in 8th grade, Ashley Ho asked me "do you have a xanga?" i replied "no, what's that" so i decided to make one. then the obsession with the internet began. Exact date that it all started was September 7, 2002 as PiNaYcHyKa8o8. Then on December 11, 2002, I became wUn_loVaBle_pNai.

Then when I found myspace, I became, natztheflip. YUP, not NaTzthEfLip. simply, natztheflip. BUT ANYWAY, that was just background knowledge of my dumb usernames.

Blogging was a way for me to express my thoughts, and to get feedback from my friends. It was honest and true. Here is a post on my wUn_loVaBle_pNai xanga, that I really love.

Saturday, April 24, 2004
May it be a sweet, sweet sound, in your ear.

I made my last entry private because I don't want to be responsible for having my depression rub off on others. I just want everyone else to be happy. If only I could ban hate.
Let's just wait...things will get better. I just pray that May will be a good month. Let's just hope...that what they say is true...the flowers bloom in May and I hope my life does too.

I had a dream...that someone that I truly admire gave me their picture and on the back it was written with pure love: "Nat, you are special." We sat in a room and I was so touched that I was confused. I didn't expect it to say that. I believe all I did was sit there...staring at him... but deep down...I just wanted jump up to give this person a big hug before he left. I wanted to whisper in his ear a million "Thank you's." Next thing I know...I woke up...without even having the chance.

You know, my whole life I've been letting my hopes and dreams fly past me. I never felt the strength to stand up. I just end up regretting everything. I regret not giving him a hug and saying thank you because that's all he ever wanted me to do. I need to push my fears away...I need to start living it up. I finally know what my weakness is. I need to make my move because it is my turn. More than anything, I need my faith. That is where my strength is.
I believe it's time. God, please guide me. I need you again.

Why am I talking about this? Well, I was on Stephen's (steveninbay) xanga, and then I decided to go back and read old entries for fun, and I've forgotton how deep I used to be. How honest I would be when I made a blog. I wasn't afraid to tell others how I felt and everything. I was reminded of this after doing some reading. It made me miss my old friends as well because of the pictures I saw, and because I wrote about them a lot.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

the hair. the conversation. the readers.

being that its the last week before school, i've been at home trying to film some videos, that i may or may not post. editing is such a bitch. but i'm still posting like foreal! YouTube is my thang!

anyway, my hair's getting pretty long and i brought this up before but should i cut it? alot of my friends say that i should, but i don't know, i don't think i'll like it short, and it took a long time for it to get this long. my viewers on YouTube are half and half, some say I should, some say no. personally, i like my hair, but i like change, and i hate having such a hard time combing my hair! OMG i hate that i was gonna make a video about this, and instead i'm writing about it instead. oh well!

Well, today I went on AIM for the first time in ages. I chatted with Kits and I swear, we had the most honest and hilarious conversation, and he was at work but I'm sure he was laughing like crazy. I sure was! We got something off our chests and I'm so relieved now. Freaking awesome.

Well thank you to Simon, Kits, and Russell because I know you guys read this. I swear Simon, you and me, we're related (and my package will be better than Mike's, i'm telling you now). Kits, we have the best chats and talks. Russell, I miss you like hell damnit. Thank you guys for being supportive and everything.

Here's a poll, I want to know what you all think?!?! SHOULD I?!?! I can't make up my mind.

Should Natalie cut her Hair?
Yes, change is good!
No, I love your hair!
Maybe later?
Just do it.

View Results

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

olympics = television > youtube

blogging is much easier than v-logging i can tell ya that. i love you youtube, please forgive me.

YEAH Well i've been watching the olympics, like everyday since it started. pretty much addicted to Michael Phelps, and i've been jumping up and down when USA comes so close to winning. it's amazing, i love it. Did everyone catch that first 4X100 Freestyle relay? BECAUSE if you didn't you seriously missed out on one intense competition where we won by...i don't know 100th of a sec? More or less? I'm so proud of our olympians. We have amazing runners, but I can just see that other countries have been doing some serious training. That Usain Bolt guy from Jamaica? Oh man, this guy already knows he's gonna win because he starts to get cocky before he passes the finish line. Don't get me wrong, he's amazing, I bet he could of pulled off a faster time if he didn't start showing off. But, he still beat the world record. The Jamaicans are amazing, and young too. They will go a long way.

Well enough about Jamaica! GO TEAM USA! Gymnastics is a big thing too. Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson are just great. There is some controversy because I think they have been doing so well, but I don't think they are getting the medals that they deserve! WTF judges?! GET WITH IT! Sorry, I'm just proud to be an American. *starts singing*

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a little more personal.

well, let's see. I start my second year of college in a week. the one thing that i'm looking forward to is that three of my close friends from high school will be attending the same college (one of them) as i am this semester! its a strange coincidence, and things will feel like high school all over again (ugh, that's the scary part) so basically, some of my group will be back together. (a picture from valentines day 2007, yeah we're all filipino)

on the other hand, lots of things are happening, and i'm not sure if i'm ready to share it with others even though all my close friends already know. well, some of you may know i'm all for cancer research, i've been participating in relays and races that collect donations for cancer research for many years. but who ever thought, that cancer would happen to me? not necessarily me, but to my family?

i won't get into more details (maybe later), but this isn't easy. it's confusing actually. after all i've done, this is what happens? but these kinds of things are inevitable. it's hard to accept, and a few months ago i couldn't help but burst out into tears at random hours of the day because it's all i ever thought about. and just when i thought things were getting better, people start to get sick again, people start breaking bones, people are in pain, and then i start to suffer because i feel it too. they're both at the hospital right now, i wonder what's going on in their minds, i hope they know that i'm always thinking about them, always praying, always hoping that they are feeling okay, and that i'm trying to stay positive, and strong for them because they need to know that we're here. I'm here.

Monday, August 18, 2008

sxephil, he's not sexy. but really, he is.

So, i'm pretty much obsessed with watching videos rather than making videos, which is getting really really bad. you see, this is how it used to be. i always used to watch videos, instead of making them, ALL THE TIME.

the thing about sxephil, is that i used to get so excited when he put up a new video. When i first started getting into youtube, the two people that I really started to enjoy (after HappySlip and Kev) were sxephil and WHATTHEBUCKSHOW because they updated ALL THE TIME.

Philip grew on me, because I thought he was really good looking, intellectual, informative and smart, but he offended me ALL THE TIME! I know a lot of it is comedic, satiric and such, but when someone offends me, or says something i don't necessarily agree with in a video, i automatically unsubscribe. But it was so hard to do that because I really liked his videos! So basically, I would unsub, and then later sub again because I couldn't get enough of his awesome bullshit.

but a few months ago, I told myself to officially unsub because I'm a sensitive loser (wow wtf this is youtube)

But recently, I keep finding myself going back to watch his channel (even though I'm not subscribed) just because I really enjoy then. UGH what the hell. If he would ever to stumble upon this, I know he would say something like "wow, if you like my videos, then just effing subscribe, don't make a big deal about it! kthx!"

I even go to his website occasionally. What can I say, the man is entertaining. I like him alot, and enough to notice that he's putting on some weight. Still awesome though.

Monday, July 7, 2008



I finished my first session of Summer School, and I just started my second session today. I also got a phone call that there was a time change for one of the courses I'll be taking in fall, which sucks because it's later, and this is at the campus that is far from my house. UGH. too late to drop it, I need that class.

ANYWAY, it's super hot. I don't like being at home because my house is so hot! MEANING, it's hard to even vlog or make a video because the heat irritates me, and makes me lose motivation and interest to do anything.

HEAT= laziness. LET'S GO TO THE BEACHHH!!!!!

p.s. I love stalking thewinekone's comment replies. The man is amazing. 

Monday, June 9, 2008

long time no update, eh?

haha, i've come back to youtube after a "month [without notice] hiatus" blah blah blah, i'm starting to realize that i need to pay attention to real life a little more than i pay attention to internet if i'm gonna succeed in school.

i'm cooling down now, i was so pissed when i wrote my last blog. so pissed. but i'm much better now. summer school is not bad at all. i'm taking statistics. (I got an A on my first test babyy!!)
and then i'll be taking microbiology lecture for the second summer session. so it's really not that bad.

things are actually really good at the moment, just gotta stay healthy and happy and i'll be good.

OO! Here's something fun, guess which one is me. I know, this is so random!


Saturday, May 17, 2008

things are getting real

wow so i know i don't want to bore people by making a video about this so i just thought i would write about it instead.

i'll start off by saying, sorry for not posting a vid in 2 weeks. I really needed to focus on school, because of finals..

but yeah, i had an argument with both of my parents today. we were talking about classes, and school, and then they had the nerve to bring up youtube. i mean, this is getting really intense. at times, youtube DOES get in the way of school, but its something i really enjoy, and they don't respect that at all. it's all coming into perspective, it's THEIR way or the HIGHWAY (if you know what that means)

I SERIOUSLY can't pursue what i want, and my mother made that clear today when i told her i wanted to switch my major. they told me that if i switched majors, that they would cut me off, and basically i would have to get a job and support myself, and get out of the house which includes having my own insurance, which means WORKING full time, and then school. HOW THE FUCK IS THAT POSSIBLE!? it's not possible.

I'm not in any position to start working, because I'm a dumbass that has never had a job before, but I guess I'll start looking because I'm tired of them breathing down my neck.

Basically, what I'm saying is, I'm gonna try to continue with youtube, I'm gonna try. This summer and fall semesters are going to be really difficult, I could sense it already.

Check this out, I'm taking 2 classes this summer, (1 during the first session, and another during the 2nd session)

and I'm going to be going to THREE campuses again in the fall. HOW FUCKING FUN. I'm miserable.

Monday, May 5, 2008



Well, that was the exciting email. HAHAHA. seriously. I was so happy. Thank you everyone for your continued support. I didn't think they would accept me, but the accepted me right away! It was crazy! P.S. I'm not enabling revenue for now, I don't want those ads that were showing up on HappySlip's page to show up on mine as well. Pray for me, finals are coming up like crazy!!!

Partnership started: May 3, 2008

Friday, May 2, 2008

very exciting email.

UGHHH My first year in college is almost over! I want it to be over so bad! It's driving me crazy. But, yeah this summer, I'll probably do summer school, and take a class or something because I've had a summer class for the past 5 years. It'll be weird without one.

ANYWAY, I got an email today. (in the inbox that i hardly ever check) and it was soooo awesome. I refuse to tell anyone what it is. IT'S A SURPRISE!!!!!

lol. kayy bye.

Monday, April 28, 2008

fifty secrets.

1. ran into a wall trying to hide from my mom.
2. cried so loud during a movie, that people started looking at me.
3. stood right next to Bill Wennington at McDonald's.
4. won 1st place at Hawaii HOSA conference, and 10th place nationwide
5. went to a Dashboard Confessional concert, and left drenched in other peoples sweat
6. claimed that Chris Carrabba made eye contact with me at that concert
7. memorized 100 digits of the e mathematical constant
8. played my first game of poker and won the game
9. stayed up all night playing the piano
10. had huge crushes on Joel from Good Charlotte and Brenden from Panic at the Disco
11. watched all of communitychannel's videos in one sitting
12. tried to find my middle school sweetheart
13. was given a 10 dollar bill signed by all my 7th grade classmates
14. never broke a bone
15. checked out guys at the gym with other guys (because a lot of my good friends are gay)
16. scraped both my knees tripping over a basketball
17. never drank or smoked
18. ran around in circles because a boy put a lizard on my back, and i was trying to get it off
19. laughed so hard that i pissed myself
20. went to beach bon fires to watch my friends get drunk and act like idiots
21. was told by a teacher that telling him to fuck himself would have been better than cheating in his class
22. played guitar hero for several hours straight
23. watched a lab partner experiment with my urine
24. started a filipino club at my high school
25. played the virgin mary in a chuch performance
26. waited 45 minutes to jump of the rocks at waimea beach
27. used to eat packets of ketchup by itself
28. participated in relay for life for 4 years, going on 5
29. watched hot fuzz over and over again
30. fed a flock of pidgeons in a park in london
31. performed hula for over 50 audiences
32. held a grudge for over 3 years
33. gave a graduation speech in front of 10.000 people
34. dyed my hair blonde, but didn't come out blonde
35. fell in love the with the characters harold and kumar, I LOVE JOHN CHO.
36. was proposed to in front of an entire class
37. was always the mother figure type of friend
38. was one of Hawaii's 25 most intriguing high school seniors
39. never had a job but i do a lot of community service
40. fell asleep in the boys hotel room at nationals
41. was mistaken for an employee at wal-mart when i was 9
42. had one of my pimples named by my sister's ex-boyfriend, named it mount Rushmore
43. covered up that pimple with a band aid
44. was asked why i had band aid, and i said i fell off a ladder in orchestra class
45. i've seen the pope
46. split hot on my thigh because of too many hand gestures
47. ditched class to study for another class
48. broke a string on my violin during a performance
49. put elbow in barbecue fire and burned myself with fireworks
50. was addicted to Total Request Live when I was 8
51. collected beanie babies like crazy when I was still living in Illinois
52. sang a song at my senior luau, while classmates stuffed money in my dress (not necessarily stuffed, but they were throwing it at me)

I didn't realize, but I have 52. Hahah. Oops.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blah. Life. Ugh.

It's my 2nd semester in college(s) now. Its plural because I'm going to TWO different colleges. It's better than last semester because I was at THREE colleges.

I'm really over it. I'm so exhausted. I just don't have the motivation this semester, and I've really been feeling down. Ugh. I really don't care anymore. So many feelings. Ugh.

Things are the same at home. I'm still not talking to my older sister. And don't tell me I shouldn't hold grudges, because I'm not going to listen. I'm stubborn and I have a lot of pride. I can't do those sorts of things. It's just not me. I can't forgive someone easily, and I can't say apologize easily. I blame my upbringing.I wish I could change it, because its the one thing about myself that I hate. I need a LOT of change in my life. The question is...WHEN? When will I change? Soon I hope. I'm really trying. I am.

I just made a video about nutella. Haha. It made me happy to talk about it. I just like talking about things that make me happy because it makes me forget about all my struggles. But really, I'm fine. I just have to get my head together with school. I'm slacking. UGH. YouTube.

Stay cool everyone,


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

EURO TRIP! Buahaha.

My spring break vacation to Paris, France and Rome, Italy was nothing short of amazing. I've been to Europe twice in the past, and my experiences in Europe always change my perspective toward life because I learn so many new things, and I just become more open minded about this HUGE world. I went to London, England when I was 5, and then again six years ago before I met up with some family in Vienna, Austria.

One thing you'll learn about me is that I LOVE TO TRAVEL. My parents like saving money (SO FILIPINO RIGHT?) and basically, we save up to travel a lot.

I'm going to the Philippines this December and then again next year for a reunion. I'm really excited because I haven't been back for five years. I miss it. I want to see my family again.

I have SO MUCH catching up to do on youtube. I missss all you guys!



Friday, March 14, 2008

My Hair, and SALAMAT! (Thanks)

Through all my video making, I've realized that my hair is getting really long! It's never been this long before, and you can ask anyone that knows me personally. I went through middle and high school with a pony tail (a bun, with a poof on the left side) meaning my hair was always, always up. I always dyed it too. Ugh, really ugly. I'll find a picture if I can. But hey, It's time for a change. But, I think it's time for another change, a dramatic change. I WANT TO CUT MY HAIR!

Look at how long my hair is now! and LOOK how weird my face is! This picture is a still from one of my reject videos. I kinda look like domukun, eh?

Kits (xcreativexsoulx) made this for me for my 19th birthday back in December! Thank you so much Kits! I love it!! Kits knows that I love my piano! He was one of my first subscriptions on YouTube after the prominent tubers I was subscribed to. Also, him and Yun (yunfengfu) were also some of my first few subscribers. How cool! I was planning on making a video showcasing all the wonderful things people were making for me, but I decided I would show them on my written blog instead. =)

My YouTube buddies are always so supportive, I love you guys seriously! Oh and HI, Johnee, Russell, and Martin, Love you guys!

Thanks for being patient, I'm really busy with college, church, and other activities, and I'm trying to catch up with everything.

I lava you all, God Bless,


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


...I remember waking up every morning to the sound of Kenny G and his Sax. On occasion, I would go downstairs and see old Beatles music videos playing on the TV. It was "Yellow Submarine" and I could remember it so vividly.

Then, when I wasn't practicing piano, my dad would sit and play "Hey Jude" all dramatically, and I would just watch.

My dad made a big influence on my taste in music. Hearing that music now, brings back old memories. Memories of when music was first introduced to me.

Back in the day, I loved Ace of Base, No Mercy, Spice Girls, Jewel, and Boys II Men. There were more I think, but those are the most significant. I listened to their CASSETTES all the time. In the car, in my cassette player, ALL THE TIME.

Then, my brother gave me something called a CD, and it was Celine Dion, The Colour of My Love 1993 Album. I was blown away.

He also gave me Green Day and Smashing Pumpkins CDs. I got into that too. WOW.

One day, after I got off the bus to my house, I walked inside and saw five guys dancing in the rain on the TV. It was the Backstreet Boys. NOW, I was in love. Soon after came NSYNC, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and then came my obsession with Total Request Live on MTV, back when Carson Daly was VJ. It was a daily ritual to watch it. (I would catch the #1 video once I arrived home, and I would watch the rerun at 8 pm)

It all started in Elementary School. Now I'm getting older and I listen to pretty much everything. Music was my life. Well, still IS my life.

- a narrative of when music firstcame into my world

Love and Peace,


Sunday, March 9, 2008

A new LOVE? I think so.

Musically inclined??! From piano, to violin, and ukulele...

I've finally started to teach myself guitar. I've always, ALWAYS, always wanted to play the guitar. But, for some reason I ended up taking more of a classical route with my piano and violin playing.

I didn't know what I was getting into, guys. It's not like the ukulele! The first weeks were painful as hell. It has only a month since I've started, but I am extremely happy that the pain is subsiding, and I'm really getting the hang of it...I think. Of course, I need to give a big thank you to all the musicians that I watch on YouTube, like Yun, [who I mentioned in my blog about piano] (yunfengfu), Chris (ccendana), Dustin (tsud123), Jeremy (passionsf), Seeso (seeso), WHY ONLY GUYS?! Ok, Olivia (oliviathai), Jennifer (JenniferJChung), Julia (jaaaaaaa) so many more! They are all such an inspiration.

Well, I know I'm slow with the video updates, and it's because I'm really determined to finish learning something(s) on the piano and guitar. I'm one of those people that start something, but never finish. So this time, I WANT TO FINISH. The one thing that is slowing me down from finishing, is that I'm trying to learn multiple songs. (I GET BORED/TIRED/DISTRACTED REALLY EASILY.)

Thank you Gen (genebeee) for letting me borrow your guitars! I lava you!

I'll make a video as soon as I find the time, and as soon as I feel I've practiced enough. =)

Much LAVA,


Friday, February 29, 2008

Mike is a WHALE PENIS.

Whale penis = Dork.

Mike (Vx5T0N3) and I were vid chatting one random night. I was using my very old webcam. It's like 8 years old!!! But, it's still good. I think it was the most hilarious conversation ever, and it got even better because he has lots of effects on his mac and yeah. Then James (Jarishz)IMed me and me and Mike were chatting with him for an hour or so. It was 1:00 Hawaii time! But around 7 in the Philippines, so James wasn't really as tired as we were.

Yeah, so. What's new in my life? College is overwhelming. I'm catching up because I fell behind. (DAMNIT YOUTUBE) But, things are swell! I think.

Chat with Mike and James:

James: its like youre the 2nd & 3rd person to know it
Mike: i wanna be second. nat you're third.
ME: i'm the 2nd person. you're the 3rd
Mike: NO I AM! i called it alreadyy. TOO BAD!!!
ME: yay! i'm 2nd!!!
Mike: NO I'M 2ND!
James: hahahahaha....ROFL



Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I know I said YouTube wasn't always about the subs, but it's nice to get appreciation from complete strangers that watch my videos.

niqanne007: hahaha my friend at school saw our valentine video and she wouldn't shut up at school..
niqanne007: apparently she knew you as a big youtuber before i even knew u
natztheflip: lol you're kidding?!?!
niqanne007: nuts hey?
niqanne007: noooo
niqanne007 : just today she came up to me and omg-ed my face this morning

Something like that, makes me really happy. I mean, I perceive myself as a nobody on YouTube right now. No one really knows me! But it's so nice to know that people around the world actually think highly of me, and actually watch my videos.

The comments, the messages, I appreciate them so much. A subscription is a subscription but the comments are very meaningful to me. Sometimes people subscribe and not watch someone's videos at all, because all you do is click a button. But comments require some conscious thought and some fingerwork, which makes them extra special (on the understanding that these comments relate to the video.)

But I'm just a girl that makes videos, thats it! (thewinekone said that before in one of his videos, but he didn't say "girl" of course) So for people to think so highly of me is really cute. I appreciate you all so much!!!

My collaboration with Nicole (niqanne) was very fun. She read the comments on our video and she brought them up when we chatted on AIM. FREAKING HILARIOUS. Apparently some of my subscribers think she is creepy.

ahahahah funny vid! but your friend nicole is kinda scary @__@

YouTube buddies are fun,


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I love making people laugh. That's why I'm here.

Ok so. As of today, February 19 2008, I have 350 + subscribers.
I think that's awesome, I'll give you that. I love making people laugh. It's my calling. or... yeah.

But let me tell you something. I don't think YouTube
should be about the subscribers. That should only be a small portion of it. It's about community. It's about displaying your talent and creativity for others to see. It shouldn't be a race or a competition for the MOST subscribers! It shouldn't be. It's NOT.

Also, people that do that whole SUB FOR SUB? thing are fake. They don't understand the meaning of subscribing. It irritates me. AHHHHHH.

AND, it really shouldn't be about pleasing your viewers ALL THE TIME. I was chatting with Johnee (Johneepixels7) and we were talking about how our videos should be about whatever we want them to be about. It's YOUR CHANNEL. DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. You want to make a video of you cuddling with your girlfriend, do it! You want to make a 9minute video talking about nonsense, do it! If it makes you happy, do it! DO IT!

If there is one thing I enjoy on YouTube, it's vloggers. They don't spend too much time with creative graphics and such, they just speak and speak and speak, and that's enough creativity and talent for me. They are real.

If there is another thing that I enjoy about YouTube, it's musicians. If they want to get somewhere with their talent, and I fully support them. They do what they want to do, sing what they want to sing, and I appreciate them. They are real.

I, Natalie, want to be real with you guys.

Let me share with you something else, the way I present myself on camera, is not completely who I am in real life. I'm not saying I'm a fake-o. Think of it as the iceberg analogy, "You can only see the tip of the iceberg, and down below the water line is something much greater."

I don't know, if I do unedited vlogs, then that's probably who I am in real life. Lots of dead time, going off subject, and distractions from family members. BLAH. I'm here on YouTube to display the type of humor that makes me happy. The humor that makes my stomach hurt. The humor that I come across randomly. I'm here to make you happy, but I'm also here to keep myself happy because SCHOOOOL SUCKS and I love this site. New type of social networking??? Kinda.

I'm still a noob at this YouTube stuff. Stick with me for the entire year, and you'll probably learn more about me, and finally see me. The real me.

I lava you all,


"Isn't Brenda Song from Disney Channel?" - Mike

YouTube is fun. Graphic design and film production have always been a huge passion of mine. It's a great hobby. I'm going in a completely opposite direction career wise, so this lets me do what I want to do.

Why did I start making videos for YouTube? Well back in August 2007, I saw HappySlip on TFC (The Filipino Channel) and they were talking about her popularity on YouTube. I decided to
check out her videos and they were quite entertaining.

One day, I was chillen at Yvette's house with her and Mike, and Mike started a conversation about "Emerson" and the conversation was very serious at first, but then it turned into a hilarious and inspiring conversation. I then made a video about it.

It was my first video for YouTube. (It is now on private, it was controversial topic.)

I played all the parts (I played Yvette, Mike, and myself) so I was doing a HappySlip thing because I played all the roles. The picture is a still image of me from the video playing Mike. (see the lip ring?)

and soon after that, I just started watching more videos, discovering more prominent and less prominent tubers, and then BOOOM. Addicted.

I had 3 subscribers at the time. Yvette, Kealii, and some random person.

My Pokemon


Yeah, If you don't already know. My pokemon have died.

I'm not that broken up about it anymore, but at first, it was unbelievably hard to handle! It was definitely weird knowing that my entire game was gone, but I don't know why I reacted like that. Weird. Hahah.

Typhlosion, I love you and miss you.


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