Saturday, May 17, 2008

things are getting real

wow so i know i don't want to bore people by making a video about this so i just thought i would write about it instead.

i'll start off by saying, sorry for not posting a vid in 2 weeks. I really needed to focus on school, because of finals..

but yeah, i had an argument with both of my parents today. we were talking about classes, and school, and then they had the nerve to bring up youtube. i mean, this is getting really intense. at times, youtube DOES get in the way of school, but its something i really enjoy, and they don't respect that at all. it's all coming into perspective, it's THEIR way or the HIGHWAY (if you know what that means)

I SERIOUSLY can't pursue what i want, and my mother made that clear today when i told her i wanted to switch my major. they told me that if i switched majors, that they would cut me off, and basically i would have to get a job and support myself, and get out of the house which includes having my own insurance, which means WORKING full time, and then school. HOW THE FUCK IS THAT POSSIBLE!? it's not possible.

I'm not in any position to start working, because I'm a dumbass that has never had a job before, but I guess I'll start looking because I'm tired of them breathing down my neck.

Basically, what I'm saying is, I'm gonna try to continue with youtube, I'm gonna try. This summer and fall semesters are going to be really difficult, I could sense it already.

Check this out, I'm taking 2 classes this summer, (1 during the first session, and another during the 2nd session)

and I'm going to be going to THREE campuses again in the fall. HOW FUCKING FUN. I'm miserable.


Kuket said...

Natalie! Too much school! =\

I hope everything gets better with school and your parents if it hasn't already had.

Are you doing full time during summer? Ima take two classes too...

hahamysocks said...

keep your chin up! :D

im totally sorry to hear that your parents are controlling of your life decisions =/
they were totally like that to me like up to senior year in HS.
then when i actually went into college, i first enrolled in as a business major cause my parents
then just recently i changed my major to graphic design, something i knew i always wanted to do something artsy.
after a long discussion and arguing, they pulled through and understood me.
dont get me wrong, they have their doubts on what im gonna be doing with my degree in the future but w/e, they can deal with it. it's my life and im the one who knowns myself the best.

you only have you life to live once, so why not fufill your goals? and if that's going to a big ivy league school and getting tons of loans and paying them off till you're 40, then so be it.

i wish you the best of luck with your parents and everything. i hope they will soon understand you!

lava ya girl. chat with ya soon :)

Russell said...

Hang in there Nat! I know how you feel, school is killing me and my parents are NOT happy with my major (they want me to be a plumber).

I'm taking summer quarter also. Don't worry, it's not as bad as it sounds, this will be my third summer full of classes.


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