Friday, March 14, 2008

My Hair, and SALAMAT! (Thanks)

Through all my video making, I've realized that my hair is getting really long! It's never been this long before, and you can ask anyone that knows me personally. I went through middle and high school with a pony tail (a bun, with a poof on the left side) meaning my hair was always, always up. I always dyed it too. Ugh, really ugly. I'll find a picture if I can. But hey, It's time for a change. But, I think it's time for another change, a dramatic change. I WANT TO CUT MY HAIR!

Look at how long my hair is now! and LOOK how weird my face is! This picture is a still from one of my reject videos. I kinda look like domukun, eh?

Kits (xcreativexsoulx) made this for me for my 19th birthday back in December! Thank you so much Kits! I love it!! Kits knows that I love my piano! He was one of my first subscriptions on YouTube after the prominent tubers I was subscribed to. Also, him and Yun (yunfengfu) were also some of my first few subscribers. How cool! I was planning on making a video showcasing all the wonderful things people were making for me, but I decided I would show them on my written blog instead. =)

My YouTube buddies are always so supportive, I love you guys seriously! Oh and HI, Johnee, Russell, and Martin, Love you guys!

Thanks for being patient, I'm really busy with college, church, and other activities, and I'm trying to catch up with everything.

I lava you all, God Bless,



Claudia said...

I lava you too. haha.
I used to have really long hair too! But it got all cut off by accident. I like short hair now though, it's easier sometimes. But I miss long hair at times.

adrian said...

hey! so you found my blogger :) haha
so that piece of cake was SOO good! i couldn't even finish it and i usually finish my food haha.
and yeah i passed by TheResident and stopped and got excited when i realized who it was! haha she was in process of filming so obviously i didnt want to bother her. haha. when i went back a couple of minutes later to see if she was still there, she disappeared. like a leprechaun. hehe.

Nate said...

You should layer it ^__^


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