Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I know I said YouTube wasn't always about the subs, but it's nice to get appreciation from complete strangers that watch my videos.

niqanne007: hahaha my friend at school saw our valentine video and she wouldn't shut up at school..
niqanne007: apparently she knew you as a big youtuber before i even knew u
natztheflip: lol you're kidding?!?!
niqanne007: nuts hey?
niqanne007: noooo
niqanne007 : just today she came up to me and omg-ed my face this morning

Something like that, makes me really happy. I mean, I perceive myself as a nobody on YouTube right now. No one really knows me! But it's so nice to know that people around the world actually think highly of me, and actually watch my videos.

The comments, the messages, I appreciate them so much. A subscription is a subscription but the comments are very meaningful to me. Sometimes people subscribe and not watch someone's videos at all, because all you do is click a button. But comments require some conscious thought and some fingerwork, which makes them extra special (on the understanding that these comments relate to the video.)

But I'm just a girl that makes videos, thats it! (thewinekone said that before in one of his videos, but he didn't say "girl" of course) So for people to think so highly of me is really cute. I appreciate you all so much!!!

My collaboration with Nicole (niqanne) was very fun. She read the comments on our video and she brought them up when we chatted on AIM. FREAKING HILARIOUS. Apparently some of my subscribers think she is creepy.

ahahahah funny vid! but your friend nicole is kinda scary @__@

YouTube buddies are fun,



Resa said...

Arr, that's hilarious dude. they should give you a tv show.

then they can dub you in spanish and show you on TV here!

natztheflip said...

A tv show? HELL, that would be freaking awesome.


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