Sunday, March 9, 2008

A new LOVE? I think so.

Musically inclined??! From piano, to violin, and ukulele...

I've finally started to teach myself guitar. I've always, ALWAYS, always wanted to play the guitar. But, for some reason I ended up taking more of a classical route with my piano and violin playing.

I didn't know what I was getting into, guys. It's not like the ukulele! The first weeks were painful as hell. It has only a month since I've started, but I am extremely happy that the pain is subsiding, and I'm really getting the hang of it...I think. Of course, I need to give a big thank you to all the musicians that I watch on YouTube, like Yun, [who I mentioned in my blog about piano] (yunfengfu), Chris (ccendana), Dustin (tsud123), Jeremy (passionsf), Seeso (seeso), WHY ONLY GUYS?! Ok, Olivia (oliviathai), Jennifer (JenniferJChung), Julia (jaaaaaaa) so many more! They are all such an inspiration.

Well, I know I'm slow with the video updates, and it's because I'm really determined to finish learning something(s) on the piano and guitar. I'm one of those people that start something, but never finish. So this time, I WANT TO FINISH. The one thing that is slowing me down from finishing, is that I'm trying to learn multiple songs. (I GET BORED/TIRED/DISTRACTED REALLY EASILY.)

Thank you Gen (genebeee) for letting me borrow your guitars! I lava you!

I'll make a video as soon as I find the time, and as soon as I feel I've practiced enough. =)

Much LAVA,



Claudia said...

Oh cool! :) Guitars are fun. I've always wanted to play the violin. The piano too. Maybe someday I'll learn.

Vi Anne said...

Hi Nat! Thanks for visiting my blog. I made another youtube account and I subscribed to your vids. Good on you for not quiting on guitars. I started trying to learned guitars two years ago but I got sidetracked so I still know very little. Hope to see videos of you playing the guitar. :)


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