Monday, July 7, 2008



I finished my first session of Summer School, and I just started my second session today. I also got a phone call that there was a time change for one of the courses I'll be taking in fall, which sucks because it's later, and this is at the campus that is far from my house. UGH. too late to drop it, I need that class.

ANYWAY, it's super hot. I don't like being at home because my house is so hot! MEANING, it's hard to even vlog or make a video because the heat irritates me, and makes me lose motivation and interest to do anything.

HEAT= laziness. LET'S GO TO THE BEACHHH!!!!!

p.s. I love stalking thewinekone's comment replies. The man is amazing. 


Kuket said...

The weather sucks, the fires here don't help at all. Boo gray sky's.

Janrei! said...

Hey the weather here is hot to hahah

BTW I made a blogspot too Check it out i wrote something to you!

hahamysocks said...

omg natalie MORE summer school?!
nooooo! haha

i wanna go to the beach!

oh yeah, how do you add peoples profile on your profile (like you have people on the side)


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