Thursday, August 21, 2008

the hair. the conversation. the readers.

being that its the last week before school, i've been at home trying to film some videos, that i may or may not post. editing is such a bitch. but i'm still posting like foreal! YouTube is my thang!

anyway, my hair's getting pretty long and i brought this up before but should i cut it? alot of my friends say that i should, but i don't know, i don't think i'll like it short, and it took a long time for it to get this long. my viewers on YouTube are half and half, some say I should, some say no. personally, i like my hair, but i like change, and i hate having such a hard time combing my hair! OMG i hate that i was gonna make a video about this, and instead i'm writing about it instead. oh well!

Well, today I went on AIM for the first time in ages. I chatted with Kits and I swear, we had the most honest and hilarious conversation, and he was at work but I'm sure he was laughing like crazy. I sure was! We got something off our chests and I'm so relieved now. Freaking awesome.

Well thank you to Simon, Kits, and Russell because I know you guys read this. I swear Simon, you and me, we're related (and my package will be better than Mike's, i'm telling you now). Kits, we have the best chats and talks. Russell, I miss you like hell damnit. Thank you guys for being supportive and everything.

Here's a poll, I want to know what you all think?!?! SHOULD I?!?! I can't make up my mind.

Should Natalie cut her Hair?
Yes, change is good!
No, I love your hair!
Maybe later?
Just do it.

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hahamysocks said...

i think i saw you online, but i think you were away cause it said something like "piano piano"

i believe we are related, its hard to see how we're not! haha

LOL did you guys make it into a compeition now? to see who has the best?

you know me, i am ALWAYS put for change. i think you should cut it :)

Kuket said...

I put 'Maybe Later' on your poll.

I remember when my sister was having the same predicament, gah such a big word for me, and she had a few signs that she SHOULD cut her hair like walking into a restaurant and getting a few strands of her hair getting caught in an electric fan, AHH! Still makes me laugh. She had more signs but I don't remember.

Oh yeah, I wanted to ask you if you knew anyone or a place that could do my hair before my cousins wedding. Cornrows! Yee. I might just end up on a street at Waikiki and let those people do it for them tourists. Or if I find a place here.

natztheflip said...

SIMON, yes it's like a competition. Me and mike are always doing stupid stuff! hahaha.

MARC, we'll talk about a place soon, I don't have a place to recommend, but yeah I feel for your sis! There are so many signs that are telling me to cut my hair!


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