Monday, August 18, 2008

sxephil, he's not sexy. but really, he is.

So, i'm pretty much obsessed with watching videos rather than making videos, which is getting really really bad. you see, this is how it used to be. i always used to watch videos, instead of making them, ALL THE TIME.

the thing about sxephil, is that i used to get so excited when he put up a new video. When i first started getting into youtube, the two people that I really started to enjoy (after HappySlip and Kev) were sxephil and WHATTHEBUCKSHOW because they updated ALL THE TIME.

Philip grew on me, because I thought he was really good looking, intellectual, informative and smart, but he offended me ALL THE TIME! I know a lot of it is comedic, satiric and such, but when someone offends me, or says something i don't necessarily agree with in a video, i automatically unsubscribe. But it was so hard to do that because I really liked his videos! So basically, I would unsub, and then later sub again because I couldn't get enough of his awesome bullshit.

but a few months ago, I told myself to officially unsub because I'm a sensitive loser (wow wtf this is youtube)

But recently, I keep finding myself going back to watch his channel (even though I'm not subscribed) just because I really enjoy then. UGH what the hell. If he would ever to stumble upon this, I know he would say something like "wow, if you like my videos, then just effing subscribe, don't make a big deal about it! kthx!"

I even go to his website occasionally. What can I say, the man is entertaining. I like him alot, and enough to notice that he's putting on some weight. Still awesome though.


hahamysocks said...

you seriously read my mind.
when i first watched him he was so funny and awesome. then i slowly realized that even though his sarcastic comdey wasnt excited and it offended many people.
ugh, you have no idea how many times i subbed and unsubbed him.

Kuket said...

HAHA, ah man, I sub and unsub to random youtubers, then realize that I should just unsubscribe to them but I still watch their videos once in a while.

munchkinhugs said...

You and I both.


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