Friday, February 29, 2008

Mike is a WHALE PENIS.

Whale penis = Dork.

Mike (Vx5T0N3) and I were vid chatting one random night. I was using my very old webcam. It's like 8 years old!!! But, it's still good. I think it was the most hilarious conversation ever, and it got even better because he has lots of effects on his mac and yeah. Then James (Jarishz)IMed me and me and Mike were chatting with him for an hour or so. It was 1:00 Hawaii time! But around 7 in the Philippines, so James wasn't really as tired as we were.

Yeah, so. What's new in my life? College is overwhelming. I'm catching up because I fell behind. (DAMNIT YOUTUBE) But, things are swell! I think.

Chat with Mike and James:

James: its like youre the 2nd & 3rd person to know it
Mike: i wanna be second. nat you're third.
ME: i'm the 2nd person. you're the 3rd
Mike: NO I AM! i called it alreadyy. TOO BAD!!!
ME: yay! i'm 2nd!!!
Mike: NO I'M 2ND!
James: hahahahaha....ROFL



Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I know I said YouTube wasn't always about the subs, but it's nice to get appreciation from complete strangers that watch my videos.

niqanne007: hahaha my friend at school saw our valentine video and she wouldn't shut up at school..
niqanne007: apparently she knew you as a big youtuber before i even knew u
natztheflip: lol you're kidding?!?!
niqanne007: nuts hey?
niqanne007: noooo
niqanne007 : just today she came up to me and omg-ed my face this morning

Something like that, makes me really happy. I mean, I perceive myself as a nobody on YouTube right now. No one really knows me! But it's so nice to know that people around the world actually think highly of me, and actually watch my videos.

The comments, the messages, I appreciate them so much. A subscription is a subscription but the comments are very meaningful to me. Sometimes people subscribe and not watch someone's videos at all, because all you do is click a button. But comments require some conscious thought and some fingerwork, which makes them extra special (on the understanding that these comments relate to the video.)

But I'm just a girl that makes videos, thats it! (thewinekone said that before in one of his videos, but he didn't say "girl" of course) So for people to think so highly of me is really cute. I appreciate you all so much!!!

My collaboration with Nicole (niqanne) was very fun. She read the comments on our video and she brought them up when we chatted on AIM. FREAKING HILARIOUS. Apparently some of my subscribers think she is creepy.

ahahahah funny vid! but your friend nicole is kinda scary @__@

YouTube buddies are fun,


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I love making people laugh. That's why I'm here.

Ok so. As of today, February 19 2008, I have 350 + subscribers.
I think that's awesome, I'll give you that. I love making people laugh. It's my calling. or... yeah.

But let me tell you something. I don't think YouTube
should be about the subscribers. That should only be a small portion of it. It's about community. It's about displaying your talent and creativity for others to see. It shouldn't be a race or a competition for the MOST subscribers! It shouldn't be. It's NOT.

Also, people that do that whole SUB FOR SUB? thing are fake. They don't understand the meaning of subscribing. It irritates me. AHHHHHH.

AND, it really shouldn't be about pleasing your viewers ALL THE TIME. I was chatting with Johnee (Johneepixels7) and we were talking about how our videos should be about whatever we want them to be about. It's YOUR CHANNEL. DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. You want to make a video of you cuddling with your girlfriend, do it! You want to make a 9minute video talking about nonsense, do it! If it makes you happy, do it! DO IT!

If there is one thing I enjoy on YouTube, it's vloggers. They don't spend too much time with creative graphics and such, they just speak and speak and speak, and that's enough creativity and talent for me. They are real.

If there is another thing that I enjoy about YouTube, it's musicians. If they want to get somewhere with their talent, and I fully support them. They do what they want to do, sing what they want to sing, and I appreciate them. They are real.

I, Natalie, want to be real with you guys.

Let me share with you something else, the way I present myself on camera, is not completely who I am in real life. I'm not saying I'm a fake-o. Think of it as the iceberg analogy, "You can only see the tip of the iceberg, and down below the water line is something much greater."

I don't know, if I do unedited vlogs, then that's probably who I am in real life. Lots of dead time, going off subject, and distractions from family members. BLAH. I'm here on YouTube to display the type of humor that makes me happy. The humor that makes my stomach hurt. The humor that I come across randomly. I'm here to make you happy, but I'm also here to keep myself happy because SCHOOOOL SUCKS and I love this site. New type of social networking??? Kinda.

I'm still a noob at this YouTube stuff. Stick with me for the entire year, and you'll probably learn more about me, and finally see me. The real me.

I lava you all,


"Isn't Brenda Song from Disney Channel?" - Mike

YouTube is fun. Graphic design and film production have always been a huge passion of mine. It's a great hobby. I'm going in a completely opposite direction career wise, so this lets me do what I want to do.

Why did I start making videos for YouTube? Well back in August 2007, I saw HappySlip on TFC (The Filipino Channel) and they were talking about her popularity on YouTube. I decided to
check out her videos and they were quite entertaining.

One day, I was chillen at Yvette's house with her and Mike, and Mike started a conversation about "Emerson" and the conversation was very serious at first, but then it turned into a hilarious and inspiring conversation. I then made a video about it.

It was my first video for YouTube. (It is now on private, it was controversial topic.)

I played all the parts (I played Yvette, Mike, and myself) so I was doing a HappySlip thing because I played all the roles. The picture is a still image of me from the video playing Mike. (see the lip ring?)

and soon after that, I just started watching more videos, discovering more prominent and less prominent tubers, and then BOOOM. Addicted.

I had 3 subscribers at the time. Yvette, Kealii, and some random person.

My Pokemon


Yeah, If you don't already know. My pokemon have died.

I'm not that broken up about it anymore, but at first, it was unbelievably hard to handle! It was definitely weird knowing that my entire game was gone, but I don't know why I reacted like that. Weird. Hahah.

Typhlosion, I love you and miss you.


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