Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Isn't Brenda Song from Disney Channel?" - Mike

YouTube is fun. Graphic design and film production have always been a huge passion of mine. It's a great hobby. I'm going in a completely opposite direction career wise, so this lets me do what I want to do.

Why did I start making videos for YouTube? Well back in August 2007, I saw HappySlip on TFC (The Filipino Channel) and they were talking about her popularity on YouTube. I decided to
check out her videos and they were quite entertaining.

One day, I was chillen at Yvette's house with her and Mike, and Mike started a conversation about "Emerson" and the conversation was very serious at first, but then it turned into a hilarious and inspiring conversation. I then made a video about it.

It was my first video for YouTube. (It is now on private, it was controversial topic.)

I played all the parts (I played Yvette, Mike, and myself) so I was doing a HappySlip thing because I played all the roles. The picture is a still image of me from the video playing Mike. (see the lip ring?)

and soon after that, I just started watching more videos, discovering more prominent and less prominent tubers, and then BOOOM. Addicted.

I had 3 subscribers at the time. Yvette, Kealii, and some random person.

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