Monday, May 5, 2008



Well, that was the exciting email. HAHAHA. seriously. I was so happy. Thank you everyone for your continued support. I didn't think they would accept me, but the accepted me right away! It was crazy! P.S. I'm not enabling revenue for now, I don't want those ads that were showing up on HappySlip's page to show up on mine as well. Pray for me, finals are coming up like crazy!!!

Partnership started: May 3, 2008


Claudia said...

so freaking awesome!

hahamysocks said...

w/e natalie.
yours is more awesomer. yay i just made up a word. hahhaa

and congrats again on the partnership! first i was like hey, where are the ads during the video? lol

hahamysocks said...

i know!!!
its just a fad. but i just like 1 kind. its so overrated

well not workout to lose wait! to gain muscle! hahaa. but thats prob not gonna happen since im so lazy now =/ oh well!

oh! johnee and i was chatting couple of weeks ago and we was saying that he wanted to come to the US. then i suggested that he does a tour.
stop by in hawaii pick you up then go to cali and pick some other cool cats up, then come where i am, then we all can go to NYC!


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