Wednesday, April 2, 2008

EURO TRIP! Buahaha.

My spring break vacation to Paris, France and Rome, Italy was nothing short of amazing. I've been to Europe twice in the past, and my experiences in Europe always change my perspective toward life because I learn so many new things, and I just become more open minded about this HUGE world. I went to London, England when I was 5, and then again six years ago before I met up with some family in Vienna, Austria.

One thing you'll learn about me is that I LOVE TO TRAVEL. My parents like saving money (SO FILIPINO RIGHT?) and basically, we save up to travel a lot.

I'm going to the Philippines this December and then again next year for a reunion. I'm really excited because I haven't been back for five years. I miss it. I want to see my family again.

I have SO MUCH catching up to do on youtube. I missss all you guys!



1 comment:

Vi Anne said...

Glad you had fun. :) Pics? Videos? Where is your family located in the Philippines?


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