Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a little more personal.

well, let's see. I start my second year of college in a week. the one thing that i'm looking forward to is that three of my close friends from high school will be attending the same college (one of them) as i am this semester! its a strange coincidence, and things will feel like high school all over again (ugh, that's the scary part) so basically, some of my group will be back together. (a picture from valentines day 2007, yeah we're all filipino)

on the other hand, lots of things are happening, and i'm not sure if i'm ready to share it with others even though all my close friends already know. well, some of you may know i'm all for cancer research, i've been participating in relays and races that collect donations for cancer research for many years. but who ever thought, that cancer would happen to me? not necessarily me, but to my family?

i won't get into more details (maybe later), but this isn't easy. it's confusing actually. after all i've done, this is what happens? but these kinds of things are inevitable. it's hard to accept, and a few months ago i couldn't help but burst out into tears at random hours of the day because it's all i ever thought about. and just when i thought things were getting better, people start to get sick again, people start breaking bones, people are in pain, and then i start to suffer because i feel it too. they're both at the hospital right now, i wonder what's going on in their minds, i hope they know that i'm always thinking about them, always praying, always hoping that they are feeling okay, and that i'm trying to stay positive, and strong for them because they need to know that we're here. I'm here.


hahamysocks said...

oh, thats why you were at the hopsital =/
seriously Natalie, even though i have not met you in real life, it feels like i somewhat known you for a long time. we have so much in common and such; and with that said, i can truely call you a friend. you might not think of me like that, but i think of you as one of my good friend.
i hope everything goes well. you have nothing to worry about.
it's in God's hand. HE is the doctor. Just have faith and believe that he/she is already healed because He died for us.
Just keep on holding strong!

whenever you need to talk, you know where to contact me.
-much love in Christ

Kuket said...

I don't think college would feel like high school again, but that's just me.

I hope everything turns out alright with your family, Natalie. Just stay positive, yee.


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