Monday, June 9, 2008

long time no update, eh?

haha, i've come back to youtube after a "month [without notice] hiatus" blah blah blah, i'm starting to realize that i need to pay attention to real life a little more than i pay attention to internet if i'm gonna succeed in school.

i'm cooling down now, i was so pissed when i wrote my last blog. so pissed. but i'm much better now. summer school is not bad at all. i'm taking statistics. (I got an A on my first test babyy!!)
and then i'll be taking microbiology lecture for the second summer session. so it's really not that bad.

things are actually really good at the moment, just gotta stay healthy and happy and i'll be good.

OO! Here's something fun, guess which one is me. I know, this is so random!



Claudia said...

I'm glad you're back! I'm guessing that it's you on the right. :)

hahamysocks said...

im glad to hear that your classes are going well! and yay for the A! you deserve a cookie :)

chat time, soon!!!
no brainer natalie, youre on the right. duhhhhhh :P

Sara said...

I thought you were on the left, but reading your friends comments... I guess I was wrong :P

Well, I first saw your vids on youtube and find your blog there... I wanted to check it out, that's all. I think this way is kinda more personal than just an youtube comment... I dunno...

I love your vids. You're really funny and I think your voice is amazing.


KITS said...

Natalie! Yay! haha.. I saw your comment on my blog site. You're the very first. I don't even know if people would ever notice that lil' notepad thing on the side. he he. But gosh, I'm really happy to know I have a friend like you. Awesomeness!! Yay! Thanks for droppin' by. I <3 you.


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