Sunday, November 30, 2008

TIM TAMS for the effing WIN!

I went shopping on Friday and Saturday and bought a bunch of clothes. Not to mention, TIM TAMS! I want to thank Buena (thebuenster) on YouTube for telling me where to get them! I love the people on youtube who tell me where I could find things. I'm so hopeless!

I was in disbelief but it was true and you have no idea how happy I was! My camera is so stupid though, I thought I was recording my experience of finding the tim tams at the store, but it wasn't freaking recording! Damn it! 

A shelf full of amazing-ness. $3.50 each. Is that expensive? Simon? Haha! and THANK YOU Simon (ddonq) for sending me my first package of tim tams many months ago. I don't know how long they will be selling those, but I swear, I never saw them there before. 

HAVE THEY BEEN WATCHING MY VIDEOS of me complaining about there being NO tim tams in Hawaii?! haha. Who knows? Haha, this is like an "asian store" though. I call it an "asian store" because they sell...asian food. But, they also sell nutella. YAY for gourmet, foreign, foods that I discovered through Johnee (johneepixels7)...sold at asian supermarkets! 


Ralphie Cellmate89 said...

holy crap; $3.50 nats?
that's cheap!

dang; that's ALOT of timtams.

hahamysocks said...

3.50 sounds about right
i need to go out an get some more!

and yay for blogging again!

squirrelygurl said...

wtf dude they sell tim tams in hawaii- UNFAIR!!! i have to beg my aussie friends to send me them. :(

of how i hate you...

Tara :)

Resa said...

Um, you forgot that I spotted them, ok. ;)

natztheflip said...

haha ralphie! i know, that IS alot! simon is right, TIM TAM HEAVEN!!!

tara, you're hilarious. that's what you get for making that tim tam video of yours.

resa, you're a monkey.

Kuket said...

Boo, I hella didn't see those when I went there to buy some shave ice cookies.

natztheflip said...

marc, seriously?! i know, that's why i think they are only there for a limited time. ahh!! i should stock up. hahaha.

Resa said...

psh, one of these days i'm going to seriously kick you out of the car. :P


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