Monday, September 8, 2008

getting kicked out of the house.

title says it all. i was kicked out of the house. i take it as me "running away" because it was basically self defense. would you rather get the shit kicked out of you by your parent? or would you run?

i ran.

i'm 19, but i'm still doing adolescent things. the sad part was, i didn't grab my keys, cellphone, or wallet. i didn't know what to do. i walked around the neighborhood thinking about what i would do, and i ended up walking to my friend's house hoping she was at home. thank GOD she was. i stayed with her for the entire day, and then i decided to go home at midnight, because i knew we had a spare key.

the next day was a weird day at home. everyone was acting like nothing happened, my mom was being mean, but not hostile, but i kept my distance. i didn't speak to her, or to anyone but my little sister. the weird thing was that it was my cousin's bone marrow drive, so basically, i had to spend then ENTIRE DAY with FAMILY. i wasn't in the mood to be near family.

later in the day, i called my 10 year old cousin an asshole. that's how mad i was.

i was a loaded gun. if someone pushed my buttons, i went off on them, and sadly it was my 10 year old cousin that pissed me off, so i started scolding him and i called him an asshole. if you knew what he said to me, you would be mad too.

he had NO IDEA what i was going through. how much shit i had to deal with. i accepted his apology later, and i apologized to him for yelling at him (i was yelling at him like a mom would yell at her kid) now we're okay, but i bet he's scared of me now. =/

it's hard right now. school is pretty chill. friends are amazing. making a video is getting harder and harder. one day soon i'll be pumping out videos. one after the other. haha that would get annoying!

in HAPPIER NEWS, i got an ukulele! FINALLY. happy happy joy joy.


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