Saturday, October 17, 2009

#beatcancer LET'S DO IT.

Using Social Media to Beat Cancer – #beatcancer

According to twitter, and and, "For each mention of the hashtag, eBay/PayPal and MillerCoors will donate one cent to breast cancer research. People can tweet it, add it to their Facebook status, or blog about it . . . it all counts. And it would seem that thousands of people are more than willing to be part of this impressive, hopefully record breaking social media blast!"

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COME ON PEOPLE, you can all do it too. Retweet, update your fb status, and BLOG!

Monday, September 14, 2009

twitter trends make me laugh.


People are so clever. But yeah, if you're confused, the "YO PATRICK SWAYZE I" trend was a joke based on the stint that Kanye played on Taylor Swift at the VMAs when he took the microphone away from her during her acceptance speech for "Best Female Video." What he did was inappropriate, and overall rude, and it pissed me off. I wouldn't be surprised if he really did say this about Patrick Swayze.

#lilmamais was a trend yesterday and I loved reading what everyone was saying about her. "She be T-Paining!" HAHA. oh gosh. I really didn't watch the VMA's but twitter kept me in check with what was going on.

OHH, and this video made me laugh. Kanye is just interrupting everyone now, isn't he!?

Also, RIP Patrick Swayze. Dead at 57. He was honestly one of my favorite actors. Ghost and The Outsiders are movies that I will never get sick of. I will miss him. My prayers go out to his family, I know how hard it is to lose someone to cancer. You know, they give Pancreatic Cancer patients 6 months to live. My grandma battled it for a year, and Patrick battled for even longer. They gotta change numbers in the books!

Monday, July 27, 2009

don't depend on your GPS.

My parents took me with them on this East Coast trip mainly because I asked them if I could go to California ON MY OWN because I had planned to go to FAP (Featured Acoustic Playlist) many months ago. However, my mom refused and basically tried to make me feel better by buying me a ticket to go with her, my dad, and little sister to Baltimore for THEIR conference.

Yeah, I was really mad. I won't even start. I thought my summer was ruined, but whatever, I just tried to make the best out of it. Don't get me wrong, I love traveling with my family, but this was the summer before I start Nursing School and I wanted to do something ON MY OWN for once, while I still can. But that crashed and burned.

My dad ticked me off ALOT during this trip. Once again, I won't even start. But on the positive side, I had some fun. My sister lost her camera though, and lost a bunch of pictures that I liked, but I'm slowly getting over it. Ok oops, on the positive side, I DID HAVE SOME FUN.

Hopefully once I turn 21, they will loosen up.

Lincoln Memorial! Good thing I took MY camera to DC. I went on a tour with my sister. It was fun. Except, she was being a butt because she wasn't as appreciative as I was.

New York City sunset. The drive to New York was a nightmare. Mostly because my Dad has a short temper and every little mistake we made, he got mad. GRR!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson.

So, I received a text from my little cousin today that Michael Jackson passed away and at first I thought he was just joking because all the text said was "Michael Jackson dead." Never in a million years would I have thought it would happen so soon.

I grew up listening to Michael Jackson because when I was younger, I spent a great deal of my time watching music videos on MTV or Vh1. That was my absolute most favorite thing to do. I would also spend time popping in different cassette tapes into the player, or try to get my Dad's old records to work.

MUSIC was my life. Still is my life. I would go home from school, and watch music videos. I could remember watching the music video for "Thriller" so vividly and I absolutely loved it. Also the video for "Remember the Time" with Eddie Murphy and Iman, that was one of my favorites as well. In 2002, when I saw that music video for "You Rock my World" with Chris Tucker and Usher, I felt that was his comeback and I loved him more than ever.

I can't name them all but thinking about it makes me tear because these are memories of my childhood. I loved Michael, he was amazing. I honestly had a big crush on him.

All those movies and interviews portraying him as a pedophile just kills me. I watched them all but I never once believed he would do such a thing and it hurts to know that he passed away without cleaning his slate. I was at my friend Resa's house earlier and she told me that Michael did not get a chance to experience his childhood to the fullest because his life was wrapped around fame and getting to the top. Now at his age, he was just trying to get a part of his life that was taken away from him.

There were times when I did say mean things. I thought he was going crazy. I thought he made mistakes. From the dangling of his baby off the building, to the way he handled some of the situations he was put in. I think I gave up on Michael. I never thought of him for months until a couple days ago when David Choi made a cover of his song, Ben. Now today, he's gone, and he's all I could think about.

Reminds me of when Pope John Paul passed away. I couldn't stop thinking of him. Wishing that I had seen him or met him, before he left. Same with Michael. Now, I won't have that opportunity. This is really teaching me a lesson about life and death. We cannot wait for people to die to appreciate them for what they accomplished on earth or to express your love for them. That's taking them for granted and I do that all the time, I admit it. My pride and selfishness gets in the way of my true feelings sometimes. It's all a process of getting older and I am slowly learning to get the fuck over it.

On the way home in Resa's car, it was MJ on the radio and I told her to change the station because it made me sad. Next station, MJ.

RIP Michael, you made a big impact on my life and I can't thank you enough.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

conversations with parents: Dad

I decided to write this because I realized how hard it is to talk to my dad because I can't really get a straight answer from him because either he's not listening to me, he can't hear me, or he misunderstands me, or it turns into an argument.

My dad is not the one to keep a conversation going because he seems to be busy doing whatever, and I'm fine with it, unless I have a question to ask him...

Me: Dad, who sings "Total Eclipse of the Heart?"
Dad: *no answer*
Me: Uh, Dad, hello?
Dad: Ano? (what)
Me: Who sings "Total Eclipse of the Heart?" (then I start singing "Turn around, every now and then...")
Dad: *starts singing to himself*

*long pause*

Me: UH, okay?
Dad: You know...that girl.

Dad: Uh, what's her name again?
Me: I don't know, that's why I'm asking you.
Dad: That white girl!
Me: Oh my gosh. What white girl?

Dad: I don't know, I forgot.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

and i thought my life was hard.

Cancer is not prominent in my family history. My family is mostly associated with high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Those are all bad too, but when you think about it, Cancer is what people in this world fear the most.

I just lost my grandmother to Pancreatic Cancer, after more than a year long fight. When it came down to the wire, I couldn't bear to see her in pain. It's heartbreaking. It's the first time I had to deal with a death of someone close to me.

However, when I was in fifth grade, my aunt also passed away due to a type of Cancer. I was in 5th grade at the time. I didn't know much about anything because I was young. I didn't know how much Cancer could affect the people around you.

Now my cousin, Sarah Ruiz. 18 years old. She was diagnosed 2 years ago, a couple days before my high school graduation. Leukemia. She has been fighting so hard for 2 years. After the first year of chemotherapy, we thought she was cured, but sadly it came back. After another long year of fighting, with a half match bone marrow translant from her sister, we hoped and prayed it was gone for good.

Today, I received a text from her mother that the doctor found leukemia cells in her blood. It hurts me to believe that she has to go through another long chemotherapy treatment without knowing if there is going to be a successful outcome this time. When you have cancer, get rid of it, and then have it come back, it's MUCH harder to get rid of.

About a week ago, I was talking to Sarah about her graduation which is in a couple days. Out of nowhere, she actually APOLOGIZED to me for not being there at my graduation, and for taking the attention away from me. I told her that I don't deserve an apology. It is not HER FAULT that she was diagnosed with Cancer. She is such a good kid. She doesn't deserve this pain. But, all we could do is pray, and hope for another recovery.

God, please watch over my cousin Sarah and all those whose lives are affected my Cancer.

This year will be my 5th year participating in Relay for Life. Please join if you can.

Relay For Life of Magic Island takes place from 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 11, 2009 until 7:00 a.m. on July 12, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I made this video a long time ago, but I'm having difficulty deciding whether I want to continue posting vlogs/comedy videos on my channel because of the fact that many of my new viewers like my music side. But, when I started on YouTube, I made vlogs, so I'm in a dilemma. Anyway, this video is just little update on what was going on in my life, but you can watch it to understand how I felt at the time.


So I know alot of people have the idea that I don't want to be a nurse, because I was basically forced into it. Also, I always complain about my classes, and how I hate that my parents are controlling my life. But, I still continue pursuing it because I know I can.


If I didn't get accepted, everything would go wrong. I would have to retake a lot of classes, apply to other schools, try to get scholarships, take other Nursing exams that cost a lot of money, and I would be put farther on the list because priority is given to first time applicants. Also, my parents would still be on my back, and they would use it against me.

My main motivation was the fact that I didn't want any of that to happen.

Being accepted into the program feels like I got a ticket to a new chapter in my adult life. I feel carefree, and overwhelmed. There were over 200 applicants, but still I made it. I feel like my parents can get off my back, and finally understand that I am a hard worker, and that I deserve to be treated like an adult.

The only this is, I spent my entire life trying to please my parents, living in fear that I would get a bad grade and be punished. Now, I want to stop living in fear. Starting now, if I want good grades, I want it because I want to succeed in school, not just to please my parents. I need to focus on me now.

UH Manoa Nursing School, here I come.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No, your comment is STUPID.

I was watching Justin Nozuka's After Tonight video on YouTube and I decided to scroll down again and read comments. I am always reading other people's comments on other people's videos. I don't know why I keep doing that! xxemolove12598, why so ignorant? Please. Gosh.

Schmiddst9r (1 hour ago)  
Sehr sehr cooler Track!
babyyoyoboy (2 hours ago)  
no dude, you thinking other languages being stupid is what is really stupid

like what kstar121 said, not everyone knows english, there's tons of other languages out there

bakit ba marami na mga bastos dito sa youtube?
xxxsejikunxxx (2 hours ago)  
muy guapo!!!!!!
kstar121 (2 hours ago)  
well not everyone knows English. D= 
That's insensitive.
xxemolove12598xx (2 hours ago) 
stop posting comments in dif languages it's confusing and stupid
newdass01 (3 hours ago)  
Hab es gerade im Radio gehört, einfach super. Mal wieder was neues!
FelicitySchickfick (3 hours ago)  
Das ist sooooooo geil!!!!!!
positiion55 (3 hours ago)  
Pourquoi il a les chvx courts la ?


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