Monday, November 24, 2008


i haven't written something in 2 months! dang! i haven't actually been on this till now and i realized that i've been missing this. the semester is almost over. it's been a new experience, and it's going really well, but i can't wait for it to be over! 

i don't know how well youtube is going for me because i don't get to talk to everyone as often as i used to but i don't have the feeling that i'm falling off the train, which is good. i think. i remember johnee called it having "two lives" a online life, and a real life. 

i'm trying to focus on real life right now but sometimes i wish online life was the same as real life BECAUSE there are so many misunderstanding when it comes to the INTERWEBS. UGH. people are often misunderstood. and generally because it's kinda hard handling "two lives." 

ON THE BRIGHTER SIDE, next semester i'll be traveling a lot!!! hopefully i'll be able to meet some youtube family for the first time. really looking forward to that.

ALSO, November marks my 1st year anniversary of posting videos on YouTube. Yay! hopefully more to come. 


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Kuket said...

Woo for real life. &Have fun traveling!


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