Monday, August 25, 2008

girls love their gays.


Okay, I know many Gay men are good looking, but is it just a coincidence that the guys that I think are good looking, are Gay?

I've had this conversation with two of my best friends on several occasions, one who is openly gay, and the other who is not quite out of the closet. The funny thing was that they were not always gay, I hope that I didn't turn them gay.

Basically, I tell them whenever I have a crush on someone, or when I think a guy is cute. EVENTUALLY, I end up telling them the guy is gay and that I had no idea! Even though I have so many gay friends, I have terrible gaydar!

Once I told Keali'i, "You know, If I keep this up, I am never getting married!"

Why did I bring this up? Well, a couple of days ago, I tweeted the following statement on twitter "That aussie diver is really good looking."

Today, I watched WHATTHEBUCKSHOW's video, and he explained that Matthew Mitcham, the Australian diver who won the Gold, was the only openly gay man at the Olympics! The one guy, that I thought was so good looking, is gay. Michael Phelps isn't gay though, I love him.

I'm sorry, I guess I am just attracted to Gay people! Haha, BUCK is gay, but he's married, I love him though! In a different way!


hahamysocks said...

this blog made me lol.
haha you have a terrible gaydar

natztheflip said...

it's so SAD!
i wanna cry already!!

hahamysocks said...

maybe its a sign that if you date a gay guy, you will make in straight. HAHA

natztheflip said...

i wish there was a reply button!

SIMON you're hilarious. first of all, i don't think gay guys would want to date a girl! hahahah!! but you never know lol

[ εϊз | sopн ] said...

aahahaha nat you poor thing :P but yeah, the diver's a hottie...i figured he was gay when he kissed a guy after his winning dive :(

natztheflip said...

aw soph, i didn't even notice he kissed a guy! lol

i guess i was in some sort of trance, or just preoccupied with how good looking i thought he was!!


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