Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blah. Life. Ugh.

It's my 2nd semester in college(s) now. Its plural because I'm going to TWO different colleges. It's better than last semester because I was at THREE colleges.

I'm really over it. I'm so exhausted. I just don't have the motivation this semester, and I've really been feeling down. Ugh. I really don't care anymore. So many feelings. Ugh.

Things are the same at home. I'm still not talking to my older sister. And don't tell me I shouldn't hold grudges, because I'm not going to listen. I'm stubborn and I have a lot of pride. I can't do those sorts of things. It's just not me. I can't forgive someone easily, and I can't say apologize easily. I blame my upbringing.I wish I could change it, because its the one thing about myself that I hate. I need a LOT of change in my life. The question is...WHEN? When will I change? Soon I hope. I'm really trying. I am.

I just made a video about nutella. Haha. It made me happy to talk about it. I just like talking about things that make me happy because it makes me forget about all my struggles. But really, I'm fine. I just have to get my head together with school. I'm slacking. UGH. YouTube.

Stay cool everyone,


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