Thursday, April 9, 2009

Animal Crossing = BORING ADDICTION

If you saw a couple of my twitter updates, then you would know that I am addicted to Animal Crossing. I would play for long hours and I haven't been addicted to a game since Pokemon.

ANYWAY, the BAD part is, my 11 year old cousin pretty much ruined the game for me. If you play the game, you know it's about working to pay off your mortgage for your house, and interacting with your neighbors, beautifying your town, catching bugs, and stuff.

However, my cousin basically gave me all his "BELLS" which is the "MONEY" in this game, and I don't have ANYTHING to do anymore because I payed off ALL my mortgage and everything. I thought it was a good idea at first, but now I don't even need to work for money because I have at least a couple million bells in my account. AND my house is ugly because I can't buy much furniture.

(WOW...this is starting to sound LAME...)

PLEASE...visit my town, or let me visit yours. I am SO BORED.

DS Code: 519882765037

Replies to comments from previous blog:

Ralphie: That's why I hate enabling ads on my videos because of the way that Google Ads work, if we talk about something Filipino related, those types of Ads are likely to show.

Neil: Yes, you're horrible. JK. Oh and you know what I also hate? When the camera man points out to the random old guys in the crowd when the girls dance. It's so rude!

Marc: Thanks for sharing, that is hilarious! that seems like something I would do. =X

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munchkinhugs said...

Wow that was super mean of your cousin! I have AC on wii.. so I guess we aren't compatible ):
But we must exchange Mario Kart codes.. soon, very, very soon (i.e. next couple of months.. after my exams finish =D)


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