Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No, your comment is STUPID.

I was watching Justin Nozuka's After Tonight video on YouTube and I decided to scroll down again and read comments. I am always reading other people's comments on other people's videos. I don't know why I keep doing that! xxemolove12598, why so ignorant? Please. Gosh.

Schmiddst9r (1 hour ago)  
Sehr sehr cooler Track!
babyyoyoboy (2 hours ago)  
no dude, you thinking other languages being stupid is what is really stupid

like what kstar121 said, not everyone knows english, there's tons of other languages out there

bakit ba marami na mga bastos dito sa youtube?
xxxsejikunxxx (2 hours ago)  
muy guapo!!!!!!
kstar121 (2 hours ago)  
well not everyone knows English. D= 
That's insensitive.
xxemolove12598xx (2 hours ago) 
stop posting comments in dif languages it's confusing and stupid
newdass01 (3 hours ago)  
Hab es gerade im Radio gehört, einfach super. Mal wieder was neues!
FelicitySchickfick (3 hours ago)  
Das ist sooooooo geil!!!!!!
positiion55 (3 hours ago)  
Pourquoi il a les chvx courts la ?

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