Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I made this video a long time ago, but I'm having difficulty deciding whether I want to continue posting vlogs/comedy videos on my channel because of the fact that many of my new viewers like my music side. But, when I started on YouTube, I made vlogs, so I'm in a dilemma. Anyway, this video is just little update on what was going on in my life, but you can watch it to understand how I felt at the time.


So I know alot of people have the idea that I don't want to be a nurse, because I was basically forced into it. Also, I always complain about my classes, and how I hate that my parents are controlling my life. But, I still continue pursuing it because I know I can.


If I didn't get accepted, everything would go wrong. I would have to retake a lot of classes, apply to other schools, try to get scholarships, take other Nursing exams that cost a lot of money, and I would be put farther on the list because priority is given to first time applicants. Also, my parents would still be on my back, and they would use it against me.

My main motivation was the fact that I didn't want any of that to happen.

Being accepted into the program feels like I got a ticket to a new chapter in my adult life. I feel carefree, and overwhelmed. There were over 200 applicants, but still I made it. I feel like my parents can get off my back, and finally understand that I am a hard worker, and that I deserve to be treated like an adult.

The only this is, I spent my entire life trying to please my parents, living in fear that I would get a bad grade and be punished. Now, I want to stop living in fear. Starting now, if I want good grades, I want it because I want to succeed in school, not just to please my parents. I need to focus on me now.

UH Manoa Nursing School, here I come.


hahamysocks said...

It's a good thing you know what you want to do or what you're going to do. I mean I'm majoring in Graphic Design but I have no freaking idea what I actually want to do with it, there are so many options. I'm still in the mind set that I'm a little kid and I have all the time in the world. But then I started thinking... and in 5 years we'll be 25, in 10 years 30. AH!!!

I miss natztheflip vlogs/comedy videos

natztheflip said...

<33 simon.
i miss the vlogs too..ugh its so hard.


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