Sunday, March 29, 2009

TFC gets on my nerves, sometimes.

OK, so I watch The Filipino Channel (TFC) from time to time because my grandma and my dad like to watch it. Most of the time they watch Wowowee and Game KNB. I like watching because it's pretty funny at times, and because it's nice to know that I understand another language other than English.

If you watch these shows, you probably notice that the fricken camera man always points out a white foreigner, or a very pretty lady in the crowd. Most of the time, they pick at least one white guy to play on stage on Wowowee. THEN, they start to ask him such personal questions. The questions always revolve around "So, what are you doing here in the Philippines." Then, the man might answer by saying that he's with his Filipino wife on vacation. Once, I actually heard Willie reply back saying something like "Oh yes, because Filipino women are the best women."

How dare he say that.

Well, I was watching Game KNB the other day, and it's another game show like Wowowee. There was one white guy in the crowd, and like always, the camera man pointed the camera toward his direction. Then, the host Edu Manzano, actually spoke to the man in front of everyone. He said "So, what are you doing here in the Philppines." The white man said, "I'm visiting family." Apparently, Edu didn't hear the man correctly and he said, "Oh, you're looking for a family?"

Then, the white man corrected him.

How dare he say that!

It's like, when a white man is in the Philippines, people automatically assume they are looking for a wife! It's embarrassing. It's not right! I really think these women all over the world should not be looking for a man to petition them out of their home country. These websites promoting mail order brides, are just...NOT RIGHT. For some reason, it seems that so many people support this way of life because these game shows exploit this fact in so many ways, directly and indirectly. I know that the lifestyle in third world countries is hard, but I think there are so many other ways to solve your problems.


Ralphie Cellmate89 said...

what sucks is; you're talking about all this, and there's an ad at the bottom of your post regarding mail order brides...

wow; what a world we live in eh?

RnB said...

I watched a documentary about Filipino Mail Order Brides and the depression and sometimes abuse that they go through when they end up in Northern British Columbia as wives for Forestry workers who don't really have time to be married.

One testimonial that I found a bit frightening was an observation that you're surrounded by tall trees in every direction and how in the community this one bride ended up in didn't have other homes around it for long distances.

Ummm...I don't have Filipino Channel but I'm addicted to WowWowWee and Game KNB. Part of it has to do with the embarrassing things they have people do and, gotta say it, Random pointless dancing girls. Who can disagree with random pointless dancing girls that want to be doing what they're doing, without feeling like they're degrading themselves.

yeah, I'm horrible, heh heh

marc said...

I'd like to watch wowowee someday! i remember a half filipino friend of mine back in high school going on the show and they asked her a question..

it was something like

how many seconds in a minute?
and she said SIX 'cause her mom threw up six fingers. LMAO!


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