Sunday, March 22, 2009

aw I LOVE YOU GUYS. srsly.

first of all, sorry for not updating often! <3 i will try to change that.

secondly, OMG, i haven't read my comments on my last few blogs until now! sorry guys, but wow, i really appreciate you guys for reading. it's so hilarious that you guys read this!

about my crush, i was AVOIDING reading the comments, because i was scared you guys would tell me that i'm stupid! but i'm not telling anyone who it is! yeah, Garbo and Simon, you're all just gonna have to guess. But yeah, I'm pretty much over it because I mean come on...It's YOUTUBE! But hey, a girl can dream right?!

anyway, i'm still going through a really tough time right now, but I would really appreciate prayers, because i'm kinda hanging by a thread. that's how bad things are. but i plan to make a video soon, but it won't be all emo, i promise!

love ya'll, and thanks so much. =]


munchkinhugs said...

i hope things work out in your neck of the woods nat

natztheflip said...

aw shweta, thanks. i hope so too.

KITS said...

Awwww Natalie! You know you are one of the best people I have met on YT. You're just so cool and genuine. And I am thankful that we got to be real good friends. =] Whatever you're going through, my prayers are with you. I know things will get better. God Bless... <3 you Nat!


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