Thursday, June 18, 2009

conversations with parents: Dad

I decided to write this because I realized how hard it is to talk to my dad because I can't really get a straight answer from him because either he's not listening to me, he can't hear me, or he misunderstands me, or it turns into an argument.

My dad is not the one to keep a conversation going because he seems to be busy doing whatever, and I'm fine with it, unless I have a question to ask him...

Me: Dad, who sings "Total Eclipse of the Heart?"
Dad: *no answer*
Me: Uh, Dad, hello?
Dad: Ano? (what)
Me: Who sings "Total Eclipse of the Heart?" (then I start singing "Turn around, every now and then...")
Dad: *starts singing to himself*

*long pause*

Me: UH, okay?
Dad: You know...that girl.

Dad: Uh, what's her name again?
Me: I don't know, that's why I'm asking you.
Dad: That white girl!
Me: Oh my gosh. What white girl?

Dad: I don't know, I forgot.


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RnB said...

sounds like me and my dad sometimes. The unintentional arguments between us usually happen because of him being hard of hearing in one ear and me being too damn stubborn to repeat myself for clarity sometimes. Yeah, we're horrible :-P


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