Sunday, December 30, 2012

Search for Tim Tams in Hawaii?! AGAIN...

It's been 4 years since my last blog about Tim Tams, meaning it's been 4 years since I have been raving about them. My first Tim Tams were sent to me by my friend Simon in Tennessee, but then then one of my YouTube viewers told me where to find them in Hawaii! After I found the Tim Tams at Don Quijote all those years ago, I even saw them being sold at WalMart not too long after. So, I thought they were going to be easy to find this year. Yeah, I was just craving them. Also, they seemed to have become mainstream here in Hawaii. Kinda like Nutella became all popular..people be jumping on the bandwagon.

Anyways, they were no where to be found. Don Quijote didn't have them, Shirokiya didn't have them, WalMart didn't have them, Times, Longs, NADA! I was pretty much devastated. I really wanted my Tim Tam slam. But, I remember my friend telling me she saw them at Target so that was my next stop! SOOO, I went to Target in Salt Lake and they were all out! FAIL! But apparently, people on Facebook and Instagram were still finding Tim Tams, so I think they found it at Kapolei. I didn't want to go to Kapolei so I gave up. Until...I decided to check Target online one last time and I saw that they were 'in stock' at Target in Salt Lake, so I actually stopped what I was doing and drove all the way to Target just to get some. Come on now, YOLO. (No, I do not use this term very often).

Found them. In all their beautiful-ness. Pepperidge Farm brand. $3.00 a piece. Pretty cheap considering they were selling the Arnott's brand for $3.50 at Don Quijote 4 years ago. I was recently told that they stopped selling Arnott's brand Tim Tams in America because they are 'unhealty' or something like that? Not exactly sure if that's true. It's cool though, because these Pepperidge Farm Tim Tams are still pretty awesome.

Yeah, I had my shares of "What's Tim Tams?" "What's that?" "What's that for?" again this year. I think I'm used to that (4-5 years ago when I was asking for Nutella...) I think one guy looked like he was gonna laugh, like he thought I was making a joke or something because he had no idea what I was talking about/looking for. No worries, because it's cool to look like an idiot sometimes.

Gonna Tim Tam slam into the New Year! Join me! COME ON, 2013! Happy New Year everyone!

My blog post about finding Tim Tams at Don Quijote 4 years ago:
TIM TAMS for the effing WIN!

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