Sunday, October 14, 2012

update: it's been three (3) years

Wow. I haven't updated this blog for 3 years. Thanks a lot nursing school! Well yeah, nursing school was a long, stressful, challenging, yet amazing 3 year program but...*drumroll*... I FINALLY GRADUATED! I graduated this past May but I am only updating this blog now because I actually forgot about it. Thanks a lot Tumblr! I actually prefer this blog over Tumblr because I don't really use it/see it as a blog because I reblog other user posts 90% of the time. So, I think I am going to use this blog for more personal blogging and updates, and Tumblr will be...Tumblr. I'm glad to be back on here though. I missed this. I miss blogging. I miss the freakin' internetz! Well, I'm done with school (for now) so now I'M BACK!

Anyway, what the heck happened to me over the past three years? A shit load. I'll just note some of the bigger events.

Late 2009
- started nursing school
- did not know anyone in my nursing class of 60 students
- eventually made some good friends in my first semester of nursing school
- turned 21 and experienced my first hangover (which was absolutely HORRIBLE!)
- traveled to the Philippines and Thailand over winter break
- bought my very first electric acoustic guitar from Cebu

- Sarah was unable to recover and passed away on January 31, 2011
- met AJ Rafael during his layover in Hawaii
- started my 2nd semester of nursing school
- watched Jeremy "Passion" perform at a Go Green Generation concert (was able to meet him too and he's such an genuinely, amazing person)
- became a member of BTVFam Hawaii and helped coordinate HI-FAP
- met AJ Rafael's band, Jenny Suk, Jasmine Rafael, Jeff Bernat, Michael Carreon, and Victor Kim when they came to Hawaii for HI-FAP
- DnBs Wednesday Nights almost every week (if you're over 21 and on Oahu, then you know...)
- had one of the most enjoyable summer breaks of my entire life
- started my 3rd semester of nursing school
- made my last YouTube video (meaning, most latest)
- went to the Justin Bieber concert because my sister loves him. I just love Legaci (his back up singers)
- went to Shirt The Kids Hawaii, and it was amaaaazing (Blue Scholars ftw)
- was 2nd row at the Bruno Mars concert (HOLY SHIT, I freakin' love this guy)
- turned 22 and celebrated with a lot of awesome people

- started my 4th semester of nursing school
- one of my best friends from high school had her first baby, named him Ezekiel
- got kicked out of the house
- lived away for about a month and eventually went back home
- performed at my first open mic at BSK
- did a bunch of hiking during the summer and became super dark
- went to a bunch of parties and DnB Wednesday Nights even though it was starting to become old
- grandma status began (stopped drinking and stopped going out as much)
- first time at First Friday's in Chinatown
- CAMPING (that is all...)
- started my 5th semester of nursing school
- became a CPR/First Aid instructor for the family business
- went to Kababayan Fest to support the YouTube artists and met Bruno Mars' family (THIS WAS A HUGE THING FOR ME...) 
- went to the Gabe Bondoc concert (got really sick at this concert, hopefully i didn't develop an aversion to his music)
- winner of an ugly sweater contest during a holiday party
- turned 23 but it kinda seemed like just another birthday despite the celebrations

- started my last semester as an undergraduate; my 6th semester of nursing school
- traveled to San Diego for a conference and presented my research poster
- offered an opportunity to interview for a job in New York
- presented the same research at Nursing Grand Rounds at The Queen's Medical Center
- graduated from UHM nursing school with a BSN
- passed my boards and became a licensed REGISTERED NURSE
- traveled to the Philippines to volunteer for a Medical Mission in Cabanatuan
- helped improve the family business and became a regular instructor

...and the rest is still unwritten. Thanks a lot Natasha Bedingfield!

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