Monday, July 27, 2009

don't depend on your GPS.

My parents took me with them on this East Coast trip mainly because I asked them if I could go to California ON MY OWN because I had planned to go to FAP (Featured Acoustic Playlist) many months ago. However, my mom refused and basically tried to make me feel better by buying me a ticket to go with her, my dad, and little sister to Baltimore for THEIR conference.

Yeah, I was really mad. I won't even start. I thought my summer was ruined, but whatever, I just tried to make the best out of it. Don't get me wrong, I love traveling with my family, but this was the summer before I start Nursing School and I wanted to do something ON MY OWN for once, while I still can. But that crashed and burned.

My dad ticked me off ALOT during this trip. Once again, I won't even start. But on the positive side, I had some fun. My sister lost her camera though, and lost a bunch of pictures that I liked, but I'm slowly getting over it. Ok oops, on the positive side, I DID HAVE SOME FUN.

Hopefully once I turn 21, they will loosen up.

Lincoln Memorial! Good thing I took MY camera to DC. I went on a tour with my sister. It was fun. Except, she was being a butt because she wasn't as appreciative as I was.

New York City sunset. The drive to New York was a nightmare. Mostly because my Dad has a short temper and every little mistake we made, he got mad. GRR!


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